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Shadow Walking


Our Crucible


Trusting in mystery’s temptation

Surrendered to distant entanglements

Merging into passions’ longing

A cauldron for our human soul’s refining.


Enter pursuit deeper than passion

Enter yielding deeper than an open heart



Our being sparked such Dreaming 

Birthing thoughts with melded words

Molding a manifest of two desired to be one

 obscuring abandoned attachments


Flesh shedding for new skin 

Flesh Exposed to sun and shadow 


A ghost wonderment engulfs us 

Compelling a slow descent 

Slipping into a more liquid form.

Purging from the tempest of fierce childhoods


A brave soul rests through pain

 A brave heart sings through fury


Purifying awakens our resonant essence  

Aware of our refined edges, translucent

Where does our skin end and the air begin?

The veil parts for a new union emerging.


The crucible cools.


©2013 Jody Royee



This narrative series of Piezography images explores the unfolding mystery of relationships which are pursue by our subconscious minds’ call to encounter the shadows and light of dreamtime intuition.


As we leave the middle world of our conscious mind and dive deep into the realm of our subconscious, past lives, archetypes, inner guides and angels are met. Deep within are entanglements of soul contracts waiting for release.


Shadowy forms may appear solid but they are merely the absence of light, an illusion that haunts us into fight, flight and freeze. Facing the shadows can bring us to ancient patterns of suffering that we carry within our very DNA. These shadows are soul wounds waiting for a witness, waiting for light, so the pain can release and the patterns dissolve.


We are drawn to lovers by a force of passion and desire that is greater than ourselves. A deep compelling desire for wholeness and union. Ironically our ego attachments to ancient paradigms, fears and beliefs maintain this illusion of separateness which our soul longs to break free of. 


The tension of contrast seems vital to holding our attention and keeping our interest. God forbid we ever get too blissful.  Our soul longs for the essence of love, truth and beauty. It can emerge in us like a lotus opening from the mud as we allow and surrender to the connection.


  © 2013 Jody Royée :  Please share images with a backlink to my website, thank you.