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copper Etching
Copper Etching

Jody Royée

Copper Etchings


Perceived Connections


Shadow boxes harbor things we hold sacred, treasures of our life’s passions and personal history. The Images contained in these boxes represent a collection of nature, science and humanity. Some images will be recognizable and some require explanation.  The boxes are made of Pine, Oak or Alder. The images are etched into copper plates then patinas are applied for color and dimension.
 3 boxes reveal images of the earth bordered with rectangle tiles of fighter jets, space shuttles, bomb blasts, craters on planets and craters from bombs. With our technology and science we have the ability to choose how we wield our power.
3 boxes display images of ancient labyrinths, 3 harbor recent crop circles from the English countryside near Stonehenge and 1 holds a copper etching of a nautilus shell. Sharing the space inside each box are smaller versions of the same images along with spiral galaxies and sacred geometric patterns.

The rectangle tiles bordering the edges appear as random textures; however, they are not merely aesthetic. 2 boxes display human nerves, 2 show human brain tissue, 2 reveal topographic maps, 1 of Carmel Valley and 1 of Monterey County.
These associations are created from my personal perceived connections between all these elements that coordinate, converge and finally manifest in physical form.  I also see a glint of humor in the presentation as these boxes now take on a game board reference. So the connection to universal symbolism takes on yet another dimension.
Enjoy the Connections, Perceptions and Questions that emerge for you and I know we will find shared meaning as we contemplate this complex and dynamic world we exist in.


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