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Higher Vibrations

Higher Vibrations

I represent the 4th Dimension in 3D
This work feels like a dynamic joyous feast of color, space and sensory stimulation. Seeing the work in person takes the viewer into a world of elevated color rhythms and harmonies. I am inspired and guided by a desire to create artwork that generates an experience of the essence and energy found in nature rather than focusing on a representation of nature as an idea or an object.
I have a deep interest in the nature of manifesting life forms. The work is a blend of personal interest in new thought spirituality and physics. My work is formed from my consciousness about the appearance of Duality and the confirmation of Oneness, about the appearance of Separateness and the awareness of Unity. Everything I create flows from a life that is becoming more and more aligned with Source and the simple fact that everything is vibrational energy living on a vast infinite ever expanding spectrum. My desire has always been to create visual art that generates an energetic vibrational experience that lives right up to the edges between sound and smell. I avoid representational imagry and yet borrow from nature for pure color and reflected light elements.
Higher Vibrations is a playful blend of nature and physics. I use my camera to record the light reflecting off of flowers, sky & water. The final “color portrait” seems to release the vibrant energy I experience from the natural elements. I balance these rhythms and patterns  of color as I blend multiple photographs together. I synthesize the raw  material into an essential visual recipe and compose with pure color transitions that share space side by side.
I use digital imaging technology as a way to navigate between photography and painting. The visual experience is structured into grid and stripe patterns of complex merging and synchronizing gradients creating a deep sense of layered space. My work is inspired by the color-field and dynamic geometry found in the art and architecture of the mid to late twentieth century. My persistent followings have always been abstraction, minimalism, op-art and California light-space sculpture.
As you view this artwork you may notice the sensory vibration and the vitality of the colors humming with a quality of energy that brings a level of uplifted pleasure. It is another way to experience the power and life force of nature.  The visual experience stretches beyond one level of perception and expands into an inherently multidimensional and free flowing experience of waves of color and reflected light.
Inspired by my intersection with nature and light. Ocean, Sky and Flower energies are powerful life forces, pure, open and giving.  My presentation reflects the life force I discover in water, sky and flowers from an energetic experience. Much like being in the energy of deep meditation where there is pure grounding and ascending and pure essence.  The contrast of elements in each artwork is an important part in creating the experience of sensing an energetic vibration visually and physically.

My work is printed on a variety of surfaces to engage people on many levels. The 2 dimensional work  is printed on heavy watercolor paper and metal and always breaths life into the space you sit. The silk scarves wrap you in the pleasure of the fabric along with the energy of the blended and weaving colors. I decided 5 years ago that I was going to create art from the vibrations of love and above. This is my contribution to the world of form, an uplifting, energizing and joyous energy that infuses the spaces people live in and visit.

The Luminous Energy Field




The luminous energy field of our being looks a bit like a Taurus spiral and when imprint free is responsible for the fortification and strength of our aura, and the fortification of our being. The luminous energy body is also noted as our dream body and overlays our auric field. There are also luminous fibers that run throughout our system in a vertical manner, like the threads of fabric. Working with the luminous body increases vitality, well-being and your ability to manifest your dreams.


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