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Jody Royée    

Contemporary Digital Photography



 HIGHER VIBRATIONS                           QUANTUM DOORS                             SHADOW WALKING


Fine art photography entered my life in 1977 where I began processing my own Black & White silver gelatin prints as an art student at the USC Fine Art School. This training was invaluable for the development of my integrity as a professional artist, my personal vision and my awareness of light and composition.


The Digital process enveloped my life in 2000 and led me to aspects of photography that took me beyond the joys of being a Black & White photographer. Enhanced color and digital editing make rendering the concepts and themes I work on exciting and dynamic. The digital power takes my work beyond the perspective I'm limited to with just my view finder.


I have 3 bodies of work that are inspired by ideas in spirituality, quantum physics and our subconscious mind.

I invite you to click the images above to discover the vision each image holds.


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