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Quantum Doors

Quantum Doors



“An Identical copy of you is also reading this story but will make different choices once they read it. This twin is you, living on an Earth and in a universe that looks exactly like our own. There likely is an infinite number of parallel universes. Our twin selves could be a natural consequence of our present conception of the universe. Objects that obey quantum rules exist in a "superposition" of all their possible states simultaneously.”

                                                         New Scientist Magazine 8-26-10 by Rachel Courtland

My photographs here are inspired by this kind of thinking. The architectural images play with the idea of multiple dimensions, quantum jumping and toroidal energy patterns.  Photographic elements are reflected and repeated with subtle deviations in each quadrant.  They appear as mandalas or toroids creating a completely new perspective and sense of dimension. A sense of infinity is experienced and derived from one original photograph of an architectural element. The patterning is a flattened version of something inherently 3 dimensional like the flattened matrix of a toroidal energy loop. A true unfolded 2d toroid, called a Matrix, provides something similar to a dynamic "Rorschach" inkblot image. Viewing these images allows you to take apart, re-arrange, re-distribute, and then re-assemble yourself in whatever imagined field you want.


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